Starting FastToll

Start  This is the first page you'll see after starting FastToll. Press on the Tracking is Off button to enable toll tracking. The app will keep track of every toll you pass through even if you use other applications.


Driving through a toll

Toll When you drive through a toll, the app will record it on the Unpaid Tolls screen. You will also receive a notification (with a ding if the sound is turned on). Make sure you pay all of your tolls before they are due!


Paying the toll

Vehicle Information You must pay each toll within seven days of passing through the toll. You can pay multiple tolls with one payment.


There are a few ways to pay your toll charges, but the most convenient is through the app. To do this, click on “Pay.” Fill out all information required by Illinois Tollways, including the Owner & Vehicle information regarding the vehicle driven through the toll. This data is sent securely to Illinois Tollways and we do not collect or have access to this information.
Payment Information Provide all payment information required by Illinois Tollways. Again, this data is sent securely and we do not collect any of this information.
Fees You're now ready to submit the toll payment to Illinois Tollways. The processing fee will also be submitted at this time. These transactions will appear as two separate charges on your credit card. The processing fee transaction will appear as "Paypal *il Toll App Fee" (or "Paypal *Toll App Fee") on your card statement. You will get a pop up on the app and an e-mail from Illinois Tollways to confirm the payment.


Payment History

Payment History When you make payments through FastToll, you can view your past payments. You may tap on a payment if you want to view the toll details.