What are the requirements to use FastToll?

An Android or iOS device with a GPS.

Where does the app work?

On any open-road tollway operated by Illinois State Toll Highway Authority ("Illinois Tollway"). This covers all of the toll roads in the state of Illinois except for the 8-mile stretch of the Chicago Skyway bridge which has a different tolling system requirements.

How much do I pay?

You will pay Illinois Tollways the same amount as if you were waiting in line at the toll booth. You may fill out forms to pay through the mail, online, or may choose to easily submit the payment through FastToll with a small processing fee.

Pragmistic is not responsible for any problems with tolls or fees.

What are the FastToll processing fees?

The processing is $0.99 or 10% of the total toll payment, whichever is higher. For example, if your total toll payment is $5.60 the processing fee will be $0.99. If the total toll payment is $21.20, the processing fee will $2.12. The processing fee transaction will appear as "Paypal *il Toll App Fee" (or "Paypal *Toll App Fee") on your credit card statement.

When do I make the payment?

You can make a payment at any time after you have crossed a toll plaza. Payments can also be accumulated so you may wait until your travel is completed, however you MUST pay within seven days of crossing the toll plaza. For your convenience, FastToll keeps track of how many days remain to make each payment.

What happens if I forget to pay the tolls within 7 days?

As per the Illinois Tollway policy the overdue tolls turn into violations. You will likely be receiving a detailed violation notice in the mail from the Illinois Tollway. 
For more information please see the "Missed the 7 day grace period?" at the bottom of http://www.illinoistollway.com/tolls-and-i-pass/unpaid-tolls. 
For information about violations please see http://www.illinoistollway.com/tolls-and-i-pass/violations. 
If you have any questions about the Illinois Tollway policies please contact the Illinois Tollway at 1-800-824-7277. 

I put in the wrong license plate number when paying the tolls. How can I correct it?

Please contact the Illinois Tollway at 1-800-824-7277.

What do you do with the data provided in the app? Is my information private?

The only information we request is the data necessary to make a payment to the Illinois Tollway, and this is only if you choose to make a payment through the app. We do not sell the information you input. All prior payments are stored on your mobile device (in the "Payment History" section) and we do not have access to it.

How do I delete prior toll records?

If you choose to pay through the app, all prior toll records will be relocated to the "Payment History" section on the app. You may also manually delete recorded toll charges by tapping on the line for each selected toll charge.

What if I need a proof that I went through a toll?

All toll charges that are paid through the app are saved in the "Payment History" section.

What are the Terms of Service for using FastToll?

You can view the Pragmistic End User License Agreement here.

What is your Privacy Policy?

You can view the Pragmistic Privacy Policy at https://pragmistic.com/about-fasttoll/faq?id=9.